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"I've been working with Linda for 7 years. She's helped me to lower my blood pressure, to lose weight, and relieve my asthma, anxiety and GERD. Her knowledge of nutrition in order to turn things around is exceptional. I love that she is always proactive in figuring out the right approach. And to top it off, she is a delight to work with! There is no one more compassionate and dedicated to nutrition and health."

Jeanne Van Til
Walnut Creek, California

Ground breaking author and internationally renowned nutrition therapist, Linda Prout, MS customizes nutrition plans to get results. Your health issues, ancestry, metabolic type, food desires and life situation are keys to determining your ideal food and lifestyle choices. Linda blends the culinary wisdom of East and West with nutrient and botanical therapies, plus energy psychology, homeopathy and movement, where appropriate, to enable clients to optimize their health.

Author of Live in the Balance, founder of the Claremont Resort and Spa nutrition program, Slow Food leader and columnist, Linda has traveled worldwide researching the foods and lifestyles of healthy cultures. There is no one-size-fits-all ideal diet. Learn what's best for your unique needs. Reaching across the globe, Linda uses email and skype to help her clients transform their health